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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; maybe you have not weighed myself in the shoes have multiple, but 100 grams is definitely an amazing concept. Will be officially unveiled at the Beijing Olympics, Nike Flywire spikes inspired by suspension bridge cable, replace all heavy frame structures tough "Vic Stella" thin, the upper and sole stitching, the same as the structure of the suspension bridge. This helps to create a thin polyethylene fiber lightest sneakers ev Retro jordans for sale er, using Flywire technology manufacturing athletics running spikes weighing less than 100 grams, and yet proper running shoes durable, integrity and support functions. This thread has been used in the balloon, to help the US rover landed safely. This thread ????????? fiber more robust, allowing designers to design the shoes without additional filler to support the running situation. Due to strong "Vic Stella" to ensure the durability of its own, th cheap jordans for sale mens us eliminating the need to prevent the rupture of the Nike material previously used, such as a soft inner lining, making this shoe even more lightweight. Flywire spikes also use high-tech materials to replace part vamp, and also opened a hole heel shoes, can seize the runner's heel to prevent slippage. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Wariner Adidas designed the world's first asymmetrical shoes - "Lone Star (LoneStar)", light as a breeze. "Lone Star," the cheap foamposites sole use nanotube technology, Biwalina half the original light running shoes, thin two-thirds, spikes also used the new design, nail surface will be pressed on the runway without insert, This eliminates the need to pull out the spikes effort, save a lot of physical strength to give athletes like Jeremy Wariner said, "wearing new running shoes more comfortable." & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; this most revolutionary products and cutting-edge spikes first Cheap air jordans for sale full-size nano soles and patented progressive pressure spikes can be bent at an angle to accommodate the 400 meters race long sprint bent. Their asymmetrical design is adapted to the circular runway, left much to stabilize the body balance, while the right foot forward motion of the body used for propulsion. The carbon nanotube structure is critical because it allows the entire shoe manufacturer Adidas-sided sewing, instead of the conventional three Retro jordans for sale sides stitched shoes, making shoes more compact, lighter than any shoe at least half. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; This pair of shoes was named Pidima designed for Olympic athletes smallest and lightest sneakers, weighs only 0.35 ounces, is to meet world-class gymnasts in the vault competition The needs and specially developed. It looks real and girls toe socks there is not much difference, almost no weight. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; vault and long ju cheap jordans for sale mp motion is very similar to the requirements of the athletes in a short distance with the fastest speed run, then jump across the vault with great force in order to achieve maximum distance, height and speed Finally, the "steady" landing. Athletic shoe designer inspired by the success of the design of the athletes from the vault to the floor and ran between speed and control Nike Pidima lacing rubber grip system to improve. In other words, they put Cheap air jordan 12 ovo on these shoes, allowing athletes landed on the smooth take great advantage. When the vault athletes for sports, light and allows them to have better traction, faster and more jumping movement. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; and then look after the aesthetic characteristics of its inside and clutching soles. This rubber is color, it will not drill. In addition, this sole also enhance flexibility between the first and second metatarsal, which is exactly Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping where the foot touches the ground, thereby enabling the athletes feel more comfortable. Finally, the spikes on the soles is multi-directional, so the athletes while maintaining close contact with the ground, but also the rapid transfer position thigh.Nike Dunk High "Freddy Krueger" fixed products enjoy 2013-12-08 22:31:47 El Cappy then a new custom sneakers, the network exposure this new Nike Dunk High customized to the King of Ghosts "Freddy Kruege cheap jordans online r" as the main design inspiration the horror of many factors Freddy Krueger inject this pair of Nike Dunk High among the red-green-and-white thick stripes and movie Freddy Krueger dress exactly the same throughout the body of the shoe with a blood-red spots, like Freddy Krueger full of terror and bloody skin tissue . Freddy Krueger horror as Hollywood role, and now can be described as one big Hollywood horror film masterpiece. El Cappy the classical cheap jordan shoes for men elements into Freddy Krueger Nike Dunk High, and to let us enjoy some Dunk version Freddy Krueger.The day before Jordan Brand launched two new color Jordan CP3.VIII version of the playoffs, with black purple color rendering designer shoes, and the lining is orange and green fluorescence were used to create, create the Yuanyang atmosphere for us, at last to translucent crystal bottom, according to the notice of the shoe has landed the part the shop sells in China, the number of 725173-045, interested friends may wish to look at.Recently, adidas for its popular retro basketball shoes, Crazy 8 launched the ADV version, and joined the most popular woven fabric Primeknit, launched wine red "Burgundy" color matching. Ending with a simple white outsole. At present, the shoes have been sold, interested friends may wish to act as soon as possible.adidas originals recently released a female snow leopard package series, which covers Julrunner, Funflyer, mid, Funflyer, low and Campus, Street, mid four styles. Snow leopard lines and black matching may help you attract more attention in winter, and friends like you can buy them in Kix-Files stores now. This year's Air Jordan 1 is unusually hot, at the beginning of the bulls and New York color color Air Jordan 1 just released, then there are Air Jordan XIII Air Jordan Retro 1 as the inspiration for the "97 New exposure, this time the Air Jordan VIII" Bugs "is inspired by the Air Jordan 1 is also very worthy of attention. The shoe body with white leather color, ankle and Heel Toe grey suede decorative collocation," 23 "and towel material plus tongue trapeze signs and abstract painting patterns are lined with classical details Air Jordan VIII, but also add a lot of color art to the whole. 2013-1-23 09:50 upload download attachment (168.78, KB)

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