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sports camp high basketball IQ performance: 1, clearly aware of their position, understand their strengths and weaknesses, according to the need and opportunity for the team to make changes and decide. 2, clear the field situation, score, time and pause, team fouls and personal fouls, between the players and the referee scale advantage position. 3, know that the two sides of the tactical 4, to investigate the state of teammates and opponents of theFamiliar with 5, good habit of teammate position, know your opponent used to position, and know that the teammates and opponents in what time will arrive at what position 6, understand the opponent cut Cheap air jordan 12 ovo or break, the next step will be what 7, no matter what the situation, can play their best The history of the NBA basketball IQ TOP5: 5.tim-duncan if you are surprised at Duncan on the list of words, recall facing opponents after humiliation Duncan's performance in the game? Duncan and his spurs is perhaps the most famous NBA background Dili, McGrady 35 seconds to 1 minutes 0.4 seconds, Fisher 3 points, Ray Allen won three points total fatal...... In the Spurs on the body but not their miracle beyond count, the protagonist. Duncan is a major target of superstar Kobe, shame, James and Carter have humiliating isolation off Duncan Duncan's performance is Cheap air jordans for sale , however, turn and pull up down opponents. Before Jordan Duncan Duncan riding buckle delusion, motionless, only for the protection of the opponent. 4.Earvin-JohnsonThe magician may is the only player in NBA history to be recognized from No. 1 to No. 5 NBA players, even Jordan, people have not made such a high evaluation of the. When he was back in the Everett high school, he was first called the "magic". A 15 year old saw this preppy 36 points and 16 rebounds and 16 assists in the sports columnist gave him the nickname. said of Elvin: "the pitch from Johnson went on, people think: how a man can do many things with single handedly? This is mag Retro jordans for sale ic." 3.larry-bird commented: "Bird is the Celtics proud of the perfect incarnation, as a set of elegant, confident and diligent on a player, he can show amazing strength under pressure, and can inspire his teammates to do better. As Bob Cousy, Bill Russell, John Ha Free Cheik, Dave kons these predecessors, Byrd is also the most shining focus on the pitch, but compared with these legendary legend, he can dominate the game, make Boston fans crazy for the garden. Compared with black players, despite Bird's physical condition does not have the advantage, but with his high basketball IQ, he has become one in the NBA〉 at both ends the orig cheap jordans online inal black pocket, please contact us (WeChat ID pocketnoir) 2016 on Friday December 30th" daily" for prey Black Pocket exclusive column featured 5 pieces for you every day must pay attention to the global fan young people wear what cheap and nice watch? CASIO is not forced, DW already rotten street, then you might try it ARK Collective. ARK Collective from Melbourne is a watch brand, used to go to the minimalist style, although it is not a lot of people, but as long as you see it, definitely will love. They watch two words: good! the nice watch, from its 4 designer. They are not only on the geometry of the structure height of understanding, wil cheap jordans for sale l also play the essence of different material collocation. The Classic series is preferred by many beautiful colors, equipped with Japanese quartz movement and stainless steel shell, stylish and practical. recently launched their latest series can replace the wristband, can let people try some interesting color combinations. even the packaging is also quite delicate and beautiful, no wonder people want to have a box for weeding impulse. Don't look at the ARK Collective price per only about one thousand yuan, parts and small details but is not ambiguous, whether you wear or give a decent. see this hole, photographers will say "it is a lens apertu cheap foamposites re". But I want to tell you, this is actually a wrench! It consists of industrial design students to create Jordan Steranka, because of the use of the principle of the movement of the camera aperture, with a nut wrench can meet different diameters, like the camera aperture, so also affectionately referred to as the "aperture" wrench. As long as the rotating tool at the top of the red dial can adjust the size, and then click the red button lock can adapt to all kinds of nuts. physical disability people out there in a wheelchair, but small home wheelchair is a bit very inconvenient. Built by Milan designer ILY-I is a pretty smart mobile chair black sense Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping of science and technology, the appearance looks like ordinary home chair, have no sense of violation, which allows the user to hide their inconvenient low-key. The chair is equipped with high-tech sensors and controllers, mobile completely rely on the hidden in the bottom of the wheel, but also can be rotated. The sensor can detect obstacles ahead, and issued a reminder to the user. Of course, if you just because of lazy cancer attack does not want to move, you can also use it. ward always give a cold feeling, but with the help of technology can become lively and interesting. Australian non-profit medical institutions owned by Cabrini, a hospital call cheap jordan shoes for men ed love designer class, let the children's ward walls "move up". 〉Continuing to add new members to its own large family Air Jordan, a new color of the air jordan 4 GS is about to debut, the color to classic navy blue, white as the main tone, be grey, orange embellishment. It is also very suitable for Air Jordan female fans. The shoes will be public in March 9, 2016 at a price of $140 sale. source: sneakerbardetroitBefore the Sprite Nike Lebron 8 color Low has attracted a lot of friends, the network exposure of Sprite color the latest Lebron 10 Low, is still blue collocation bright green classical collocation, the continuation of the Sprite color Retro jordans for sale has a refreshing feeling, you think? This color is still in the estimation of Sprite summer sale, you want to start a friend or have to wait. Olympic Games has come to an end, Adidas continues to promote the new color of their own, this time the ADIDAS TOP TEN 2000 type of shoes we are not unfamiliar, the body of the shoe to scarlet Nylon Leather and nubuck leather color collocation, and navy blue laces and brand labels and striped lining decoration, red bottom on white the day end, reproduction of the classic retro shoes bright feeling. This section is now on sale at Eastbay for $110, and a favorite friend can take care of it. 2012-8-15 08:08 upload cheap jordans for sale mens and download attachments (98.32 KB) 2012-8-15 08:08 upload download attachment (145.93, KB) Kanye moment: Kanye West Sneaker Baida moment (at) 2013-12-08 23:23:24 Yesterday we bring the & nbsp; the upper part of Kanye West Sneaker Baida moment, as European and American fashion, the arts have a benchmark figure, Kanye choice in footwear directly or indirectly affect the Sneaker community The trend toward. Today, we continue to bring the lower half of Kanye Baida classic style. Reebok The Rail new color exposure 2014-05-06 22:45:36 sneakers developed rapidly in recent years, from 2010 LeBron 8 & quot; South Beach & quot; since the advent of shoes in color selection more diverse. You imagine grafted onto the south coast color shoes look like 20 years ago it? This time exposure of the new Reebok & nbsp; Reebok The Rail pink with blue gray color, to create a South Beach theme color of the shoes, suede and leather upper material using a match. No more currently available information, we will continue to focus. Shawn net sun latest Air Jordan shoes 2014-02-24 21:03:59 Shawn and recently received a gift from Nike regard, the Arab music but also in the personal Instagram drying out four pairs of the latest Air Jordan shoes. Which contains AJ5 & quot shortly before the sale; 3Lab5 & quot;, AJ3 "Powder Blue" and the upcoming releases of AJ10 & nbsp; "Cool Grey", AJ3 Retro "Infrared 23" four shoes. As we all know, many public occasions Shawn said he was quite love the Air Jordan 3, and therefore it is also standing right foot of which a & nbsp; Air Jordan 3 Retro "Infrared 23". Tribute MVP! Nike KD8 "Suit" available information 2015-08-05 11:45:44 & nbsp; 13-14 season, Durant won the regular season MVP and wearing a purple suit unforgettable image of people in the acceptance speech, and now Nike with purple body suit when he was inspired to create this double KD8 " Suit ", meaning the new season MVP Durant will be the attitude of a strong return! The shoes with purple shoe body build, bring green crystal outsole and upper scarlet decoration conferred passionate fight, finally Swoosh, Logo part of the Durant outstanding selection of bright green appearance, as if this shoe beckons exclusive, overbearing! The shoes will be officially on sale August 14, item number: 749375-535, a friend might like to continue to focus on it!

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